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Welcome to Odds Tribe!

We research systems and strategies to help you beat the closing line. Join the tribe and find your edge today.

Why join the tribe?

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Weekly Insights
We know you are busy. We send insights only once every week.

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Algorithmic Selections
Our shortlists are automatically generated. If X then Y. Logic based.

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Smart Community
Hive mind of people from around the world using a mathematical approach.

How is our system getting on?
View our results update.

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Weekly Newsletter

Members of the tribe receive our weekly newsletter containing;

  • +EV Closing Line plays
  • Dutching Shortlist
  • Performance Updates
You don't need to worry about getting too many emails from us either as we will ONLY send a maximum of one per week.

If there are additional games midweek we just drop the ratings in our members group and share on our YouTube channel.
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What is closing line value?

First a little intro to outline 'closing line value' for those not familiar with it (I'm sure you are!)...

"Closing line value is the price a bettor gets relative to the closing price. If they beat the market, they got positive CLV. If the market beat them, they got negative CLV. Beating the market means getting a better price than the closing price." 

Beat closing line = good value
Level with closing line = fair value
Worse than closing line = Bad value
In summary, it's the way in which we measure the success of our strategies (along with yield and common metrics ofc!).
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Team Effort

Odds Tribe cannot guarantee winning results but what we can is a community dedicated to sharing research to help you make better informed decisions.

Tribe values.

Fun: Sports betting should be treated as a fun hobby. That doesn't mean we shouldn't take it seriously though!

Teamwork: The whole group has more intelligence than any one individual. Our ratings improve with community input.

Discipline: It is super important to stay disciplined and be responsible when gambling. Don't be reckless.

Innovation: Things constantly evolve and we need to adapt our methods of deriving value to keep up.

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Friendly Support from fellow tribe members

We guarantee our members super-responsive, friendly support;

a) Tutorials on our YouTube channel

b) Support via email

c) Direct access to us in our private members group